Unlike Twins?! Comparing Democracies and Autocracies.

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Joint Call for Papers


The conference date comes closer. Meanwhile, many scholars contributed to the call for panels, so that we were able to compile an interesting table of panels. The conference will comprise 14 panels addressing various aspects of the discipline and the comparison of democracy and autocracy. We encourage scholars of comparative politics and neighboring disciplines to contribute to the discussion and propose papers focusing on key aspects of the panels.

Here you can find the Joint Call for Papers.

The Panels will adress the following aspects:

  1. Parliamentary representation in non-democratic regimes (Katharina Buck, Esther Somfalvy)
  2. Macht Religion politische Systeme autokratisch? (Gert Pickel, Oliver Hidalgo)
  3. “Same, same but different? Comparing the International Promotion of Democracy and Autocracy” (Double Panel) (Julia Leininger, Anna Lührmann)
  4. State Spending and Taxation in Democracies and Autocracies: Comparing Patterns of Resource Management (Thomas Richter, Christian von Soest)
  5. Political Competition in Democracies and Autocracies (Johannes Gerschewski, Aiko Wagner)
  6. Challenging the Churchill-Hypothesis Policy-Performance in Democracies and Autocracies in Comparison (Stefan Wurster)
  7. Bridging Comparative Politics and Area Studies (Jürgen Rüland, Patrick Köllner)
  8. Why Wrong Is Right: Justifying Exclusion and Repression in Autocracies and Democracies (Maria Josua, Julia Grauvogel)
  9. Rente, Revenue und Regime: Zum Nexus von Staats-finanzierung, Gesellschaft und politischer Herrschafts-ordung (Philip Fehling, Stefan Peters)
  10. “Disentangling the State-Regime Nexus” (Double Panel) (Thomas Altmeppen, Mirjam Edel)
  11. Welfare – Production -Regime Triangle: Comparing Welfare State and Capitalism in Democracies and Autocracies (Daniel Buhr; Markus Trämer)
  12. Rule of Law vs. Rule by Law. How Autocracies and Democracies govern. (Rolf Frankenberger, Mirjam Edel)
  13. Concept formation and Explorative Methods: What and how can methods contribute to Regime Classification in comparative politics? (n.n., Rolf Frankenberger)
  14. Political Education and Comparative Politics (n.; Siegfried Frech)

Technical Information
Panels (90 minutes) include up to four individual papers. (If the number of papers makes it necessary, there might be the opportunity for double-panels). Conference languages are German and English. Conference participants therefore should be ready to receive German and English presentations at the conference. Paper givers should please stick to the panels working languages that are indicated in the CfPs.

Deadline for submitting paper proposals is November 20, 2016.

Paper Proposals shall not exceed a length of 800 words. Please send your paper proposal directly to the panel convenors (see addresses in the calls) and please cc: the conference organizers: rolf.frankenberger@uni-tuebingen.de

Panel Chairs will decide on the acceptance of papers until November 30, 2016. The conference program will be published until December 10, 2016.


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